About us

From R.M. Mishra

I love my work in that I feel it is the best occupation as giving a grin is simple however keeping that steady is our work. I’m a craftsman who makes lovely grins. I’m an educator who instructs patients about their oral well-being. I’m an advisor who helps patients defeat their apprehensions. I’m an understudy who persistently finds out about propels in dentistry. 


What’s more, in particular, I’m a companion to my patients. I care about their lives and anticipate seeing them and hearing what’s going on. I don’t know about whatever other calling that would allow me to wear such countless magnificent caps every day! 


I’m happy, consistently, to have an effect on individuals’ lives. I’m pleased to have helped bring up an age of children who are glad to go to the dental specialist. I’m glad to have patients who came to me as anxious grown-ups and presently anticipate visits. I’m glad to make a grin for somebody and give them certainty. 


Most importantly, I’m pleased that my group and I have the shared objective of assisting our patients with achieving and keeping up with incredible oral and by and large wellbeing and great grins.


My main thing from being a dental specialist is by and large a piece of my patients’ lives. I love the connections I have with every individual in our training. I love that like clockwork or somewhere in the vicinity I will get up to speed with their lives. I have patients that I have become more established with. I have families where I’m seeing the offspring of patients I originally saw as youngsters. I have families where I see four ages. I’m respected by these fellowships and fortunes.

Education Background:

  • BDS
  • Postgraduate cert- oral implantology
  • Cert- Orthodontics
  • Digital smile Designer
  • Int. Cert- Endodontics from roots (Portugal) 
  • Advanced Sinus Training 
  • Full month Rehabilitation

A Focus on You

We’re not a high-volume dental practice. All things considered, we plan a lot of time for your visits. Our consideration is individualized for every one of our patient’s individual requirements.


Everything, from how regularly you get X-beam pictures to what in particular kind of helpful consideration is best for you, depends on the individual and what is generally fitting for you as opposed to being a standard convention for all patients. We’ll urge you to assume responsibility for your dental wellbeing, and give preventive consideration, schooling, and loads of help. 


We’ll walk you through each progression of treatment, and clarify what’s suggested, how it works, and why it’s significant. You should be associated with choosing your consideration, so we need your info. 

Your Comfort Our Priority

We need you to have a sense of security and loss during your visits, so we give close consideration to your solace. Our intriguing banquet room feels like home: It incorporates a play region and fortune tower for your youngsters. We additionally offer free water and tea.


Our clinical region highlights televisions in the event that you’d like an interruption, just as delicate covers, and comfortable cushions. In the event that you feel restless about a strategy, we offer nitrous oxide to help you unwind.

Commitment to the Exceptional Care

You and your whole family deserve the best of clinical consideration. You likewise merit client care that surpasses your assumptions at each progression. We’re here to serve and help you, and love doing as such.


Collectively, we guarantee consistently to: 

  • Treat you with all respect and compassion. 
  • Approach you with deference and sympathy 
  • Give moral, delicate treatment 
  • Empower your investment 
  • Teach you about your dental wellbeing 
  • Address concerns and resolve them right away

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